Micia Technologies - Efficiently Connecting & Streamlining Systems - Core Values
MICIA Technologies' Mission:

To maximize the potential of all our clients' technology by taking what works well and improving on it.

Our Values:

As a company and as individuals, we at MICIA Technologies value:
We aspire to flawless service and don't take shortcuts on quality. We aim to deliver more than is expected, so we recruit the best talent and promote their development. We engage in constructive self-criticism, self-improvement and are flexible enough to learn from our mistakes.
Customer Fixation
We have a passion for our customers and their technology. We respect our customers above all else and always remember they stay with us by choice. We aspire to provide exclusive personalized service for every client.
We remain accountable to customers and to one another for fulfilling commitments, producing results and the highest quality possible.
We foster an environment of openness and respectfulness. We encourage a free-flow of ideas and appreciate multiple perspectives and diverse expertise.